Tips on How to Shop (From a Renowned Shopaholic)

Who has been in a situation where you got an item simply because “It seemed like a good idea at the time” OR who has had a bad shopping Day? You go out with high expectations excited about new clothes only to get home, look at your new purchase and go “what was I thinking?”

If you’re guilty of any of this then do not stop reading, you need all the advice you can get.

  • Prepare a basic shopping list – Having a list helps you avoid needless purchases and stick to a budget. The rule is that you’re not allowed to buy anything unless it’s already on your list. It’ll help keep your impulse shopping to a minimum.
  • Carry the right amount – now this doesn’t apply to online shopping but you can’t spend money you don’t have. Before you go out, put the right amount of cash in your wallet to cover all the purchasing you plan on doing. If the cash runs out, your shopping spree is done for the day.
  • Compare shops/prices– When shopping, go around or check online to compare prices. You can usually find good shopping deals online if you look hard enough. Don’t be a sucker when you see a price tag, do some searching it’ll also help you recognize if you need the product or not.
  • Don’t Shop When You’re Bored – The silliest purchases happen when you probably shouldn’t have been shopping in the first place. Although this mostly happens with online shopping, try to keep busy.
  • Pick Your Shopping Buddy Wisely– Not all shopping buddies are the best, some are shopaholics themselves and love it when you spend a lot because it makes them feel better about their purchases or they are simply impulse- happy buyers that are convinced every outfit looks great on you. Find a shopping buddy that will give you honest opinions and preferably one with frugal habits.
  • Invest in Capsule Wardrobe Essentials– Now, it’s better to invest in some statement pieces instead of purchasing every new trend that comes out every season and becomes obsolete over time. (Read my previous post to find out what pieces you should invest in, You’re Welcome). Buy Pieces that are here to stay for long and you would be reaching out for them a lot often.

Do you have any other tips to share? Have you ever had a bad-buy day? Please leave a comment and share your tips and experiences with me. I’ll love to hear from you!


5 Quintessential Fashion Pieces That Go beyond Trends

We have all seen our fair share of trends come and go. Today I will be showing you the building blocks of a perfect wardrobe. These pieces do not get enough credit for their timelessness. Be rest assured, they will never go out of style or lose their appeal and also suitable for everyone.

Even if you already have a couple of the products listed ahead, chances are a few of them may need replacements. Because if there’s anything we know about basic wardrobe essentials, it’s that you will wear them on repeat—as you should.

So whether you’re looking to start over or simply wish to update an old favorite, below are the basics of every wardrobe.

1.) The classic white shirt – All the hail the most important wardrobe staple,  A timeless classic, it is by far the easiest choice and most reliable option when you’re left with too many or little options. I love how it somehow looks fantastic in the most rigid professional dress code, but still looks amazing and feels comfortable in casual, everyday functions as well. I highly recommend for everyone!

2.) The black blazer – A blazer adds versatility to your wardrobe and style when worn in different ways. Gone are the days when blazers were mainly associated with formal work wear, now it can be worn with denim jeans, shorts, or a miniskirt for a night out. The simple lines, clean tailoring and designed to fit you in all the right places is perhaps why it has stood the test of time. If it doesn’t fit right off the rack, this is where your trusted tailor comes in.

For me, it’s a staple that will forever be in my closet. For a fast and easy outfit, wear a black blazer over one of your favorite tees, a pair of jeans, and some Vans or Converse. Chic!

3.) Black Pants – Whether you prefer them wide-legged and high-waist or cropped and slim-fitting, sleek black pants are the perfect baseline for a sophisticated outfit. They come in handy for anything from job interviews to formal parties you have no idea how to dress for. Trust me, you will want to live in these perfect trousers that are ideal for any occasion. Of course, finding the perfect pair of black pants can be quite difficult, but also totally worth it.

4.) Your perfect jeans – an item of clothing widely embraced, worn and loved all over the world. The perfect jeans are a staple of anyone’s wardrobe and should be both comfortable and flattering. The dream of being able to create a thousand different looks with one single pair of pants is entirely possible because it is Versatile, easy to style, worth the investment and durable!

Whether they are flared, cropped, skinny, or boot cut, everyone needs a pair of jeans that makes them look good. Jeans are not necessarily the most comfortable pair of pants out there (Hello, sweatpants!), but they are the one pair of bottoms you can always depend on.

5.) White tee or V- neck shirts – A closet Icon! You always need a white t-shirt in your closet. It’s the perfect thing for days when you have the perfect outfit but every shirt looks too formal, too busy, or just too much for your look. V-necks are fantastic for layering under jackets, lounging around, or using as base pieces to help tone down statement extras.


As a girl who wore a school uniform for the most of her life, sometimes I can’t help but think of how easy life would be if we were required to wear the same thing every day but what fun would it be to not being able to express your style day in, day out.

Figuring out what to wear is a daily struggle, I always tell myself that I will dress nice the whole week but I end up picking 2/3 days out of the week to look good and then call it a day. So I decided to write a few tips and fashion ideas that can make dressing up for each day of the week easier. 

The weekend is over, your focus has been shifted and you look at your wardrobe and say these words “what am I going to wear”?? Sounds familiar? Not to worry anymore because when it comes to keeping the workweek wardrobe scares from looming, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

 I have assembled a week’s worth of looks to sport in the office from Monday through Friday.

Now go ahead and set your alarm a little later, or hit that snooze button just one more time.

  • Monday – starting the week off on the right foot, so you must dress the part. Try a nice Pantsuit for that corporate look and some comfortable shoes. The beauty of a suit is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a more casual but still right for the office approach, simply pair it with a solid T-shirt rather than a shirt.
  • Tuesday – You wake up and realize that you have four more days to get through, and dressing up is just not going to happen. You can settle for High-waist Pant Trousers, long sleeve t-shirt then call it a day.
  • Wednesday – It’s the middle of the week or “another Tuesday”. Try a midi skirt–a flattering classic that can be paired with everything from a t-shirt to a button-down top and sneakers.
  • Thursday – One more day and then it is the weekend! Stay comfy yet put-together with a pair of wide-legged trousers and top combo. You can never go wrong with a nice looking top–which we all have in our closet. You could always add a pair of fun (nothing too serious) heels to keep the trouser from looking shabby.
  • Friday- The weekend is finally here, it’s Friday, so make it count. Think of your Friday outfit as a softer version of your everyday look. Rather than pant trousers, try denim with a bit of a fade. And a shirt with a blazer on top. Or if you want to keep it simple try on a Shirt-dress they are a wardrobe must-have because they’re perfect on their own.
before you go out, ALWAYS check that everything looks right.


You’ve probably come across the list of wardrobe essentials that every woman just has to own dozens of times but this is different (I promise). This is my take on what African essentials women need to add to their wardrobes in 2019, plus there is the added bonus that they never run out of style.

(P.S. – Even if you don’t agree with needing every fashion item on this list, please read on!)

  • Dashiki – You can never go wrong when you have a dashiki on. Originally from West Africa, it is a loose brightly colored shirt or tunic. It has formal and informal versions and varies from simple draped clothing to fully tailored suits (yes!! Suits). Women wear it too as a dress-shirt or tailor it into maxi dresses and all sorts of other creative cuts.
  • BouBou- The boubou is a classic Senegalese robe, a statement fashion piece that can be dressed up (for formal events) or down (for everyday wear). Sewn from a single piece of fabric, the boubou is usually 59 inches wide and of varying lengths. Also, a women’s boubou can be loose-fitting making it more modest or it can be designed to hug the body, making it more flattering and sexy. This dress drapes nicely on the body to flatter any body type. 
  • Aso-oke – is a woven cloth by the Yoruba people in West Africa. Aso- oke means top cloth in the English language signifying high status. Patterns and colors used for Aso oke cloth have special meanings. Some designs are specifically for women’s garments and some are for men’s. The cloth is used to make numerous garment styles, including skirts, shirts, and trousers.
  • Adire- Adire can be described as a variety of hand-dyed textiles using wax-resist batik methods to produce patterned cloth in a dazzling array of dye tints and hues. A professional decorator for Adire is traditionally referred to as “Aladire”.
  • Iro and Buba – the Iro and Buba trend was famous in the 50s into the early 80s. Allegedly, the Iro was worn as a mini skirt back then, as a symbol of the liberation of women. The Iro are long, rectangular, large wrap-around skirts tied around the waist and knotted. The Buba is a long-sleeved, loose-fitting blouse. It has been modernized into various chic styles.
  • Ankara accessories- Ankara fashion is usually vibrant with colorful patterns. Ankara has dominated the international clothing industry and stylists have come to love it. It has come to be the depictions of things “African”. The slightest patch of Ankara wax on anything can be labeled as “afro-centric”. Fabulous and trendy Ankara accessories like bangles, earrings, bow tie, neckpiece, hairpiece, phone pouch, notebooks, purses, tote bags, etc. are a must-have. 
  • Headwraps – head wraps are a very vital part of the African dressing. They are cloth adornments used in covering the hair. A typical African head wrap is a plain or patterned cloth that is wound across the head to create a range of styles. Beyond the basics, creativity is the goal, make it up, go with the flow and create your best styles.
  • Kente – Richly woven Kente cloth is among the most famous woven cloths of Africa. Made originally for Ashanti tribal royalty in the seventeenth century. The word “Kente” means basket, and the cloth is named because of its semblance to a woven basket design.
  • Beads – Jewelry is an important aspect of fashion, especially for women. When it comes to beautiful jewelry perhaps Africa is best known for its handmade beautiful bead work. It is used to enhance the beauty and style and to also showcase the artistry of the jeweler.
  • Raffia – a fiber obtained from the leaves of the raffia palm, used for making mats, baskets, hats and the like. The raffia is necessary in our closets because it never goes out of fashion, always trendier than ever. They come in very different shapes and designs and they go with almost everything!  

MyYanga – The Future Of African Fashion

In the past few years, there has been a major increase of African creatives such as Fashion designers, photographers, makeup artists, and fine artists, steady showcasing the homegrown talent and diversity in the continent, therefore leading to a rise in creative productivity and recognition, an international clientele and also the attainment of global press.

Life has become so easy whereby almost all fashion activities can be done online. What good is watching the launch of a collection and having no means whatsoever to purchase an item from the line? Traditionally, you reach out to the designer to make a purchase…… much for the shopping experience!

Well, a more seamless service that is very driven about customer service and user experience is here to save the day! is an afro-centric fashion platform that converges the best of African creativity through fashion, photography, makeup artistry, modeling and stylist, all in one spot. We aim to project the best of Africa’s designers, MUAs, photographers, models, and stylists to increase international collaboration, bolster production and purchase of quality indigenous products, thus effectively boost the value chain of our various creatives.

The platform has several other core features to keep users constantly engaged, including a shopping option with over 500 brands currently listed, monthly fashion competition with fancy prize gifts, thousands of styling tips, a discover section with interesting people and places to get lost in, and ‘How TV’ where people have access to a vast selection of short “How-To’ videos on fashion, photography, modeling, make-up and grooming; gain styling tips, and also share and discuss looks (in real-time) that are of interest to them with other users.