MyYanga – The Future Of African Fashion

In the past few years, there has been a major increase of African creatives such as Fashion designers, photographers, makeup artists, and fine artists, steady showcasing the homegrown talent and diversity in the continent, therefore leading to a rise in creative productivity and recognition, an international clientele and also the attainment of global press.

Life has become so easy whereby almost all fashion activities can be done online. What good is watching the launch of a collection and having no means whatsoever to purchase an item from the line? Traditionally, you reach out to the designer to make a purchase…… much for the shopping experience!

Well, a more seamless service that is very driven about customer service and user experience is here to save the day! is an afro-centric fashion platform that converges the best of African creativity through fashion, photography, makeup artistry, modeling and stylist, all in one spot. We aim to project the best of Africa’s designers, MUAs, photographers, models, and stylists to increase international collaboration, bolster production and purchase of quality indigenous products, thus effectively boost the value chain of our various creatives.

The platform has several other core features to keep users constantly engaged, including a shopping option with over 500 brands currently listed, monthly fashion competition with fancy prize gifts, thousands of styling tips, a discover section with interesting people and places to get lost in, and ‘How TV’ where people have access to a vast selection of short “How-To’ videos on fashion, photography, modeling, make-up and grooming; gain styling tips, and also share and discuss looks (in real-time) that are of interest to them with other users.