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There is a compelling need in Nigeria for alternative gallery spaces that bridge the gap between commercial galleries and traditional art institutions; spaces that enable artists and curators to innovate with shows that do not fit into the boundaries of the existing art market. With this in mind, The Thought Pyramid Art Center was constructed in the heart of Abuja as a space to enable new ideas to be incubated and nurtured; where there are no boundaries between art, craft, design, and thought; and where thinkers will meet to dialogue on new directions for African art.

The mission of The Thought Pyramid Art Centre is to collect, conserve, and study modern and contemporary art of Africa, and the African Diaspora. We will exhibit the art of our times from a variety of perspectives while situating them with the context of a global art movement.

One of the cornerstones of Thought Pyramid’s ethos, and as a tribute to the diversity of African art practice, we will promote understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of art and its values in an accessible, contemporary and unpretentious environment.

A major part of our work at The Thought Pyramid Art Center is to bring art appreciation to the general public through an active focus on art education at all level: from kids to adults. The Learning Through Art program will create an appreciation of who we are as Africans through classes to teach art and programmes to increase the understanding and appreciation of established artists and art movements. Other events at The Thought Pyramid Art Center will include exhibitions of the visual arts, artistic symposia, lectures and workshops, theatre performance, musical events. We will work with our partners to train art administrators and curators.

Please feel free to drop in to view and purchase art of startling originality by the nation’s finest artists.


18 Libreville Street, Wuse II, Abuja

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